Normal Tired versus Fibromyalgia Fatigue- What's the Difference?

  It has been a useful exercise comparing how tiredness used to feel compared to the Fibro Fatigue I feel now. It also serves to highlight just how misguided and naive are those people who disparage our symptoms. This is just one symptom; the main one being pain, which sleep deorivation is known to produce. If only those unbelievers could experience these symptoms for just one month, how differently they would feel! Normal Tired Most people   Fibro Fatigue Those with a Chronic Fatigue /Fibromyalgia (FM) diagnosis An occasional night without sleep will make a person feel tired and irritable the following day, but it won't harm your health   We feel weak and washed out, sometimes even fluish. If you've ever had a bad bout of Influenza or Long Covid you will recognise this symptom. Our risk of injury and accidents increases. Usually a result of lifestyle choices   Can be trigger

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